Comb Honey - New Zealand bush blend honey


Honey does not get any better than in its purest, unprocessed form. Taste the most unique honey on earth straight from nature with comb honey from Kiwi Beekeeper.
This premium grade New Zealand comb honey has been created by North Island honeybees that forage amongst the flowers of native bush.

You will receive a section of arguably the most pure & natural bush honey on the planet with a blend of manuka, kanuka, rewarewa and pasture honeys. All of nature’s untainted goodness is locked within this luscious honeycomb that will ooze out liquid gold as you chew on it. 

Enjoy the benefits of honey in its raw form with its beeswax and nourishing enzymes. You can consume the honeycomb without the beeswax, but being completely edible and with many potential health benefits; the honeycomb is best enjoyed whole. With subtle sweet flavours and a delightful aroma, it is honey as nature intended!

Please note that due to the fragile nature of comb honey & varying qaulity of international postal services it may not arrive in pristine condition, however the flavour & honey will not disappoint!

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